Hello guys, word can't describe how much I miss Aie. Only Allah knows. Remember last year I broke up with him? January to March were the worst month ever. After I knew how much I love him, can't live with him, I admit I was tried to get him back. I worked so hard to catch his attention. But seriously, I'm not relationship 'distuber' as mentioned. I've managed to get him back after the sacrifice I've made. I always said this to him, 'kalau betul la awak na kat dia, pergi la. Saya undurkan diri.' 'Sabar la, jangan pergi, saya sayang awk tp saya kesian dekat ****.' Then I was like, 'oh okay, take your time. Tapi sampai bila saya nak kena tunggu?' 'Sampai June.' After that, I've wait for couple of month. We're still contact each other, still text, still hang out but we didn't say anything to public. It's between us. I cried almost everyday and said, 'kalau awak taknak break, lepaskan saya.' 

In other hand, I've tried to learnt how to play piano, Ombak Rindu. One day, we talked and I played for him. Suddenly, he cried. Panic! 'Why? What wrong?' 'Aku benci kau! Kalau fikir balik aku memang benci sangat dekat kau!' I stopped right there and cried too. 'Sorry.' Only that word came out. 'Kita try balik semula nak? Sebenarnya masa awak datang rumah, awak peluk umi, dalam hati 'sayang lagi rupanya aku kat dia.' Saya nak tengok betul ke awak dah berubah? Tapi bila fikir apa yang awak buat, saya benci sangat dekat awak.' 'Hm okay but bila?' 'Tunggu okay sayang.' Then I wait. 

After a month kot, came to see him and he said 'I've already broke up.' I was like, 'Ah kau menipu!' 'Sumpah.' Wait, how can I describe what I felt that day? I was too EXCITED! Finally! Finally! Finally! Thank you Allah for listening. Then we went for diner. Holding his hand and said, 'thank you for second one. I love you.' Seriously, I'm not a bitch. I wrote this because I don't want to fight with anyone. Take care sweetheart xo



Syafeeqa, May 5th, Siamese.